NutriPlan is a full farm, field by field fertiliser and manure application programme and depending upon each individual circumstance the plan would include
  • Main NutriPlan
  • Fertiliser Requirement Report
  • NVZ Nitrogen Planning Report (this is the Planning Nitrogen Use required for NVZ compliance)
  • Fertiliser Application Charts
  • Organic Manure Application Charts
  • Total N from Organic Manure Applications
  • N Max Farm Summary Report
  • N Max Crop Group Summary Report
  • N Max Total N from applied fertiliser calculation
  • N Max Total N from applied manure calculation
  • N Max field limit calculation
  • Soil Analysis Results
  • Fertiliser Storage Guidelines & Stock Sheets
The way NutriPlan works is we start by measuring the residual soil fertility and then after considering soil type, previous cropping, yield potential and farm rainfall we calculate the potential crop nutrient requirement. Next we consider how to get maximum benefit from any available manure. The nutrient supplied by this manure is deducted from the crop requirement. The fertiliser requirement is then calculated and built into a field by field fertiliser application programme.
NutriPlan covers the five major plant nutrients N, P, K, MgO + SO3 and also ticks the “compliance” boxes for the likes of the EA, CSF and Farm Assurance, etc.
An example NutriPlan is here: Example NutriPlan
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