HumberPalmers High Efficiency Organic Based Fertilisers for Studs and other Equine requirements

HumberPalmers High Efficiency Organic Based Fertilisers for Studs and other Equine requirements

HumberPalmers has been the ‘First Choice’ fertiliser for many of the leading Studs throughout the UK and Ireland for over 50 years.

HumberPalmers grades include a well researched organic base of vegetable origin, free from any weeds or pathogens, which is combined with carefully selected mineral raw materials. This enables the nutrients to be released in a phased way, providing a natural supply of plant food in line with pastures requirements and thereby assisting in protecting the horse and its environment.

In addition the organic base contains highly beneficial humic substances best described as Nature’s Plant Vitamins. They are responsible for many positive effects on pastures making HumberPalmers the most natural fertiliser on the market today:-

  • Nitrogen is in the Ammonium form to produce steady growth of herbage low in nitrate and avoids lush grass that might contribute to laminitis.
  • HumberPalmers contains Sodium which improves grass palatability and helps ensure more complete grazing of the paddocks.
  • HumberPalmers also contains Calcium which in association with phosphate is important for healthy bones and muscle.
  • Sulphur is included to assist in the uptake and conversion of the nitrogen into true protein thereby maximising the feed value of the grass.
  • A wide spectrum of other natural Trace Elements are present such as Zinc for healthy bones and skin as well as Copper,Cobalt and Selenium which all contribute to overall animal health.
  • Research has proved that HumberPalmers is up to 25% more efficient than standard mineral fertilisers and will last longer.
  • All grades are produced as quality homogenised granules (not blended) ensuring even distribution of nutrients.

Spring Application Recommendations:-


HumberPalmers No 10 (10-10-10+25.5SO3) for Potash rich soils

HumberPalmers No 11 (10-5-16+31.5SO3) for low Potash soils

HumberPalmers No13  (14-6-8+32SO3) for average soils

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